St. Deviation's Attack On TheCastleOfLove

by Nick Pope

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First solo album—all bedroom recordings. Enjoy!


released July 3, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: I Am Your Head
I am your head,
and I'm your arms,
and I'll be listening
'till I am all you are,
and oh, you'll be all I am too.

Hey Mom and Dad, Grandma,
put your dancin' shoes on
hey, yeah, yeah.

Well'd she ever say why she came back?
I'm a roundhouse kick in the back of the head
so react.

I am your head,
and I'm your arms,
and I'll be listening
'till I am all you are,
and oh, you'll be all I am too.
It's just how it is.

I am all you are,
and I'm not gonna let you go.
Track Name: Naska (5)
The fall was on us I didn't know anything
trying to remember everything that I'd just seen
and I was walking pretty tall with the lady I'd found.
I set the course, but she didn't stick around and well.

Here I am today I think about her constantly
cause I can't seem to understand just
what she means to me,
and oh it's been awhile, I just wanna watch her smile.

It's been so long I'm broken down and over something
what it is I'm looking for and I know I said it before
and oh I'll say it again till it's out of my head
I need a new friend.

Sprinkle your heart out let the tiny words fall out
and I wont't understand a life
I'd have to live without her
I cannot ask you what I want to you
(I said I want her back)

Just as you are and I am falling all over and over again
just take it back cause I
just take it back cause I'm all alone and I can't let it go.

So break yourself and taste the rain
(Just break it all, I'm dying here)
Did you ever even hear the words,
you ever even know my name?

And here I am learning to
forget you.

I don't call
and I

I've fallen down
so brace your heart (nicole)
and let me in.
Track Name: Tangerine Karate
Yo here's a beat for beat's sake, to cruise and street skate,
my music is the medicine bound to resuscitate eyes sedating
at the bus-stop waiting, or you can flip it on late while you're pro-creating.
I got some flow if you wanna bend, and I got some more if you got a friend, so let get it's the weekend, and you can presume it's me, my girl, my friends and my new tune dancing in the living room.

Me and my friends, it's what I'm talking 'bout, let me tell you 'bout
Every little single thing you think you are, baby it's yours, take the world take my soul take it all, it's something good.

Can you picture me up in my room just thinking 'bout how much I love to touch your lips hips and such, you got me so zoned cause you're so dreamy, petite hot and steamy and your face lights up when you see me, like this major change is rearranging strangeness into a sound beautiful like my b-b-b-baby.

So baby, were you worried before, I'd need something more? Oh baby, don't, baby. Slight of hand, swords in a secret sucker game, and I cauight you up, but now you've got, my heart again.

Yeaah, she says she miss all my sexy, damn I'm just sick of all the texting, this distance is complexing, perplexing, but you know we're flexing to cope with the space, babe I wanna talk slow with my hand on your face and a hand in a hidden place.
Ain't disgraceful, you know I'm tasteful ain't scared to get a face-full.
And it's the place for me, it's the place to be because I taste for free,
and I gracefully get the people bumpin' to it, babe I set up a grid and let the words flow through it.
Yeah you know these rhymes are commendable, every single syllable, so y'all can take a piece of my vernacular and nibble,
'cause I dribble these words like I dribble ball, like I play the guitar and how I scribble on the wall.
Well ladies, if you wanna learn to pop pretty, I know this top kitty poppin' like dirty inner city and, shshshshsh my babababababy.

Slow down, try to catch what you're missing. Let's all just listen to the major 7 glisten. Yeah the seven is my scene, like a serene bean in between every gene of my clean, green, gleaning body, tangerine karate, getting down with my queen at the party.
And I'm just 19, but I got rhythm, my mama gave me these shoes and the soul came with them.
Track Name: Hey Tilly
Would you mind if I stood by your side on the dance floor, baby?
Well would you mind if I stood by your side on the dance floor, baby?
And if that standing turns to dancing, I'm just dancing by your side, baby.
Well you can ask your side, but I don't think it will mind on the dance floor, baby.

Hey Tilly made a song, so you could shake your booty and it wouldn't feel wrong to sit back watch you, while I just fiddle with the music.
Get a little lower if you wanna see me lose it.
Ahhhh friggen-a-bringin'-a bucket-of-bringin' it back
Bite your lip just to get a little bit of reaction,
and maybe later we can be a half, and you can be the two, and I can be the one (1/2)

Oh girl if you wanna dance I can give ya beats, and if you wanna brbrbreak it in the streets, then we can rock leaves straight off the trees and you can taste what I got cooking up my sleeve.

It's about to get slow, so if you get low will you bend at the hips and not at the knees, and now you know, so do it.